Winter 2010: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas… with every card I don’t write.

Are you dreaming of a Green Christmas, too? This winter, Mrs. Green’s World asked to hear your tips and ideas on how to keep things green for the holiday season. A secret for keeping the decorations lavish but the energy bill under control? A great gift you love to give that can please both your mother-in-law and Mother Nature? Any changes you’ve made to regular holiday traditions to make things still feel festive while being sustainable? Mrs. Green wanted to hear them all and to have everyone vote for their favorite tips!

The contest ended on December 15th, 2010 with over 2,500 votes submitted.

The final poll results can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

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Here are the Top Three Tips, as voted for by visitors to Mrs. Green’s World:

First Place:

“I’ll be serving vegetables grown in our own garden.”

Michelle Bonati

Champaign, IL

Second Place:

“Instead of using a live Christmas Tree, this year I plan on using an Agave Flower stalk as a tree instead. I have made a swap with my neighbor — I did some yard work for her in exchange for her agave stalk. I plan on decorating it in a southwest theme with birds nests and native paper mache birds. If I store it correctly I plan on reusing it year after year.”

Cherry Rosenberg

Tucson, AZ

Third Place:

“I love putting together my own gift baskets of local foods to surprise my Southern relatives. This year I went to Desert Harvesters’ Annual Mesquite Milling Fiesta. I didn’t have any mesquite pods to mill, but I did find the ingrediants for my gift basket this year: a bag of Skeleton Creek’s mesquite flour that’s sustainably wild-harvested in the Sonoran Desert; a bottle of prickly pear syrup that’s made by Iskashitaa (a nonprofit organization that helps refugees and gleans fruit from local trees); and a jar of organic blueberry jam made by We B’ Jamin Farm in Tucson. I’m including a recipe from Desert Havesters for mesquite pancakes. I always save wrapping supplies to reuse, so I’m sending this collection in a used gift bag with a gift card made from a used holiday card.”

Pamela Portwood
Tucson, AZ

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