The Ammonite Gourd

Saturday, February 19 at 9:00 am (PT)

Gourd artist Sue Brogdon introduces intriguing spiral ammonites, 135 million year old fossilized sea squid from Madagascar, that make wonderful focal points when integrated into the body of a canteen gourd. Using natural or dyed pygmy date palm, students learn lashing techniques that marry fossil and gourd with artificial sinew, linen or upholstery thread. Brogdon also focuses on blending water-based inks, oil sticks and paint to achieve special effect finishes on the gourd itself; shares a recipe for dyeing plant material; demonstrates encasing minerals in resin and using handmade paper to conceal the interior of the gourd.

All materials are provided; students are asked to bring an apron, old towel and small utility bucket.

Saturday, Feb. 19 from 9am-4pm in Ed. Ctr. #2.

$80 for members. $95 for the general public.

Call 520-742-6455 or visit for more information.