AZGreen Magazine

What’s Green About This Workplace?

Arizona’s first lifestyle magazine devoted to sustainability walks the talk! In the spirit of conserving forest and water resources, our publication is primarily digital with a limited quantity printed only for subscribers and marketing purposes. Our limited edition hard copies are printed on recycled paper with non-toxic ink and a low-water digital printing technique.

AZGreen Magazine maintains a virtual office, which eliminates emissions otherwise caused by support staff daily commutes. Our executive offices are in a sustainable, energy efficient home equipped with solar panels, compost stacks, gray-water and rain catchment systems and a recycling program. Our company car is a hybrid we use to carpool to events. We believe in supporting our local economy, and do so in all aspects of our business. To further raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire environmental stewardship, we provide free PSAs and ads in our publication and website to environmental non-profits. What could be greener than that?