Green Plumbing – a Sustainable Choice

Anyone who is a follower of Mrs. Green is aware of my obsession with high efficiency toilets and saving water in general. I refer to John Smith from the Arizona Green Plumbers frequently for lots of reasons – including what a great guy he is.  So you can imagine my delight when I received the following email from Bonnie Lewis:

“John Smith, owner of Rooter 2000 (884-0040), installer of my brand new GPF Niagara high-efficiency toilet, was named 2010 Green Plumber of the Year by Green Plumbers USA today. I’m thinking that’s because he was so instrumental in saving my day — $200 installed a new toilet to replace one that was falling apart (jiggle that handle three times, please), wasting water, and caused a major flood in my home this morning at 5:00am (and they took away the old one, no charge). Let’s hear it for John!

Did I tell you that this new toilet uses about 1/3 of the water? Did I mention that it’s quite beautiful (as toilets go …) There’s something very strange about being happy about a toilet, isn’t there?”

Thanks for writing Bonnie and congratulations to John.  Thought for the day:  how green is YOUR plumber?  Commit to sustainability & reduction in your water use. Ask your plumber what his/her commitment is to water conservation.

2 thoughts on “Green Plumbing – a Sustainable Choice”

  1. I discovered a great device to save water and money. It is a small pump that you can install in the hot water line along with a sensor in the hot water pipe farthest from the Heater. It can be programmed to come on just before your shower or when you normally wash dishes, or whenever you want hot water. You can let it stay on and warm water will be there anytime you want. It only runs when the water gets below a set temperature. When you turn on the tap for your shower it will be warm in less than ten seconds. Typically our shower used to take long enough to waste at least two gallons of water multiplied by 365 days per year. My wife still carries a 2 gallon plastic bucket into the shower to catch the run off while she showers. The pump doesn’t draw a lot of power and it can be programmed to just turn on when you need hot water.

  2. Phillip – this is something I am very interested in. Where did you get the device? Would love to do a FB post about it. Thanks for responding.

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