Best of Show: James M. Gentile – 10/30/2010

Saturday, October 30 at 12:05 pm (PT)

James GentileMrs. Green will be proudly re-broadcasting a “Best of Show” featuring James M. Gentile, PhD, President, Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Research Corporation’s mission: Empowering early career scientists to address global issues through transformative research since 1912 – yes that’s 1912.  I encourage you to visit Research Corporation’s website for two reasons: to read Jim Gentile’s bio and to read about the 2010 Scialog Conference that was held at Biosphere 2 October 12-15. There honestly isn’t an abbreviated way to describe the scope, magnitude and importance of some of the greatest scientific minds gathering to discuss solar energy conversion. You will just have to tune in to get a better understanding of this cutting edge “special stew of diversity and interaction that generates creative energy.”  This is a great show — trust me!