VerVe Aveda Lifestyle Salon

What’s Green About This Workplace?

“As an Aveda Lifestyle Salon, at Verve we embrace our vision of “connecting beauty, environment and well-being,” from retailing products derived of 97-99% natural ingredients (packaged entirely in post consumer recycled materials), to serving spa water and comforting tea in glass cups to reduce wastes. We create an inviting ambiance for our guests through the use of soy based candles, provide hand towels in our lavatory and encourage the community to recycle through our bottle cap recycling program. In making more conscious choices, we use eco-friendly detergents for our towels, offer bags made of 95% post consumer recycled paper, and proudly make our own gratuity envelopes from old magazines. Our company’s mission is based on the principles of committing overall excellence, believing that beauty can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility and respect for ourselves, one another and the planet we call home.”