Food Conspiracy Cooperative

What’s Green About This Workplace?

“The Food Conspiracy Cooperative (Co-op) had its beginning in 1971 as a collective food-buying club. While now a democratically operated member-cooperative, anyone is welcome to shop there.

The Co-op offers 100 percent organic produce and products that do not contain genetically modified organisms. The Co-op seeks to provide access to 1) nutritious foods, 2) safe and healthy products and services, 3) education and information, and 4) locally-produced foods, products and services.

The Co-op composts food wastes as well as offering food waste to others to use for composting or feed for chickens. The Co-op sponsors a small garden which supplies the Co-op deli and demonstrates what grows well locally. Water harvested from Co-op swamp coolers is used to water the garden.”

“Great people, great produce, and a great place to shop. Love the great selection!”

“The Food Conspiracy is a great cooperative and very supportive of local growers.”

“My wife and I recently decided to get a membership — really enjoy the bulk bin selection of raw nuts and the raw goat cheddar cheese in the refrigerated case.”

“The produce wing at the Food Conspiracy Co-Op is a sight to behold — full of lush, local greens and fruits. Love it.”

“They are THE best place to shop, and have been seriously green since l o n g before it was popular.”

“Love it, love it, love it. Very first store I found when I moved to Tucson 10 years ago, and still my favorite.”