Eco-Healthy Design – Robin Wilson

Broadcast on 2010/08/14 (PT)

Robin is the author of The Kennedy Green House which just reached #1 on’s Best Home Makeover list. Robin Wilson is a nationally known eco-friendly and healthy home interior designer focused on sustainable, reusable, recyclable and non-toxic options from the ‘foundation to the furniture’. Robin will share with us how she worked to transform the Kennedy home working with a team of people from the architectural plans to the selection of eco-friendly building materials and power sources to the retooling of the house with health promoting EVERYTHING! Robin will also give us some information and tips on how these changes can be implemented by any homeowner – from a complete renovation to simple, affordable replacements of common household items. We will all learn something to help us in our going green journey. .And did I mention that she has been regularly featured in the news (CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC) and NOW on Mrs. Green?

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