Garment Graphics

Did you know that Garment Graphics was one of the very FIRST locally owned businesses to support the mission and vision of Mrs. Green? Did you know that they helped the Mrs. Green team select and print the very first (and only) “Fragile: Handle with Care” organic cotton t-shirts that we still give away as prizes? And did you know that Garment Graphics’ clientele of over 3000 includes all sizes of businesses, non-profits and private and public schools? Did you know that in addition to the myriad of promotional products they offer, Garment Graphics has an eco-conscious category and promo right on their home page which provides you with a link to all of their GREEN promotional items? And last but certainly not least, did you know that Scott and Holly Polston are wonderful human beings with a great family, great values, contribute to their community, and work together in the business? Glad you do now.