Gas Hole – 5/29/10

Saturday, May 29 at 12:05 pm (PT)

Mrs. Green will interview filmmakers Jeremy Wagener and Scott Roberts, who will talk about their documentary: GasHole. The two have joined forces to bring the history of oil prices and future alternative fuels into focus. Concerned with American dependence on foreign oil and curious as to how America could go from the largest exporter of oil to the largest importer, Wagener and Roberts sought out the opinions of such experts as U.S. Department of Energy officials, Alternative Fuel Producers, Alternative Fuel Consumers, Professors of Economics, and congressional leaders from both the Democratic and Republican parties. If you buy gas, you will want to tune in as Mrs. Green seeks some answers to the questions that many American consumers would like answers to. AND we will have a special interview with Mayor Bob Dixon from Greensburg, Kansas – the town destroyed by a tornado in 2007. Mayor Dixon will give us an update on what is planned in Greensburg to celebrate the anniversary of the Midwest town that was literally too tough to die!

2 thoughts on “Gas Hole – 5/29/10”

  1. My wife grew up 20 miles south of Greensburg, Kansas, in Coldwater. What they have done there is remarkable. She will be visiting there in June. I am hoping she will take a few pictures when passing through. I remember passing through the town many times.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hi Phillip – Thank you for your comment. I hope your wife takes MANY photos! Do you think she would share them with the Mrs. Green team? If so, they can be submitted to:

    Hope she has a wonderful visit to Greensburg!

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