Best of Show – Elliott Norse: Marine Conservation Biology Institute

Saturday, May 15 at 12:05 pm (PT)

Where do I really start with this one? MCBI began over 14 years ago with one mission: to encourage scientists who wanted to safeguard the oceans’ web of life. Since then, they have become one of the WORLD’S most influential marine conservation organizations. Their mission now? Advance the science of marine conservation biology and secure protection for ocean ecosystems. Elliott will tell us about the Institutes cooperation with researchers, fishermen, conservationists, business people, legislators, reporters – you name it – whoever will help them conserve the oceans’ biodiversity. Entire species are disappearing from our oceans almost daily. Dr. Norse has a background so extensive, diverse and interesting that you will want to tune in to hear why Mrs. Green pursued having him as a guest since last September when she met him on her way to sea!