Get Going, Get Outside, Get Healthy!

Get going, get outside, get healthy (sustainability up close and personal). No matter where you live, you can walk, you can hike, you can visit local treasures that get you out in the fresh air. In Tucson, we are blessed to have many: Sabino Canyon, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tohono Chul Park, the Reid Park Zoo (or just Reid Park), and Saguaro Monuments east and west. Remember that just thinking about how nice it would be to visit some of these places does not count, one has to make a plan & walk!

Let’s face it. We live in a, ipod, text messaging, email, Facebook electronically connected (disconnected?) world. Aren’t you actually thrilled when a real person answers the phone when you call a business? Imagine how thrilled you will be actually talking to someone you care about while hiking through a canyon or sitting at a picnic table. Human, face-to-face contact! So let me ask you this – when WAS the last time you invited your spouse or your children or grandchildren or friend to go on a hike? Take a walk? Do anything outside? These days we mostly make plans to meet people to EAT. Eating out = no exercise & more pounds to deal with.

On a very personal note, some of our family’s happiest memories to this day are those of when we packed a picnic on a Sunday morning and drove to places like Mt. Lemmon, Sonoita, Patagonia. We had fun, we spent time together, and we had each other – fully present, sans electronic devices with only the distractions of nature to observe and enjoy! I miss it.