The Sweet Taste of Fair Trade

I always thought that my first book would be Confessions of a Chocoholic and who knows? Maybe it will be. But there is no doubt about it – I am a self-professed, certifiable chocoholic. I rejoice every time I read an article about all the great, heart healthy benefits of chocolate and how it helps increase the levels of good cholesterol and in some cases, decreases the levels of bad cholesterol. And also that chocolate contains high amounts of phenolic compounds (say what?) They are antioxidants so they MAY help reduce the risk of heart disease. I skip right over that “may” word as well as any reference to “when eaten in moderation.” I just know in my heart that the piece of chocolate I am eating at the time is good for me!

So wouldn’t it do your heart good (pun intended) to eat chocolate and hit the green trifecta? Good for you, good for the earth and good for the workers who produce it? AND did I mention delicious? I urge you, encourage you, suggest to you that you take 3-4 minutes out of your busy day and read the article in the June 11, 2009 issue of The Daily Green which gives an interesting history of the chocolate, its production and most importantly, the awesome progress that has been made recently in the production and sale of organic and fair trade chocolate. Once you have read it, you will actually feel noble about purchasing and consuming vast amounts of chocolate – all done with a huge smile on your face! Mrs. Green’s personal favorites? Divine Chocolate and Green and Black’s Chocolate. Eat chocolate, feel good, be happy…..

Just a note about fair trade: Fair trade is a RAPIDLY growing movement that guarantees a “fair price” to producers and sets rigorous, transparent social and environmental standards. The goals of fair trade include economic self-sufficiency and stability for producing regions. Fair trade goods are actually certified through the Fair Trade Federation. In other words, someone is actually making sure we can eat, drink or purchase food or goods with this certification seal and have a totally clear conscience. Phew…