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Mrs. Green partners with TEP's Bright Solutions program

In general, people have no idea how much energy and money they can save by doing some very simple things — like turning off your computer and unplugging your cell phone chargers when not in use.  What kind of incentives are there for solar and is it worth it?  How much can you save by lowering the thermostat in winter months and raising it in the summer? And does a high efficiency toilet really save you money?  Your answers are clicks away.

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Pump Up Your MPG


Beth Gorman, Senior Program Manager, Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) – PDEQ has launched a new Tire Inflation Education Program to encourage you…

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Do Zombies Carpool?

I believe it’s pretty safe to say that every human being (at least of the adult kind) uses the beginning of the New Year as a time to reflect, recommit and restart.  For me, it’s exciting to think about how I can help our Mrs. Green’s World partners spread the word about things they are committed […]

Are You Ready to Plug In?

If the  price of gas or your environmental conscious  has you thinking maybe it’s time to look into a car that runs on something other than petroleum, read on.   Tucson Clean Cities, a program established at Pima Association of Governments in 1998, is going strong, and has created a partnership of fleets, vehicle providers, […]

Where Does Clean Air Start Anyway?

Have you ever really thought about some of the reasons why people love living in our beautiful Southwest?  Have you ever considered that one of the top reasons  just might be the beautiful blue sky and clean air we get to enjoy almost every single day? Most of us even love it when the sky darkens & […]

Compressed Natural Gas: An Energy Solution?

Seems to me that “CNG” as an alternative fuel makes the national news quite a bit. But does the man/woman on the street really know what CNG (compressed natural gas) even stands for and why they should care?  I wanted to know so I did the best thing – I asked a local expert, Colleen Crowninshield, […]

Did You Know?

Three Things About Tucson Electric Power Company

1. TEP’s Bright Solutions helps you save money, save energy, reduce your dependence on fossil fuel and helps preserve the planet (ultimately).
2. You can actually go to their website and indicate that you would like to purchase solar power in “blocks” of 150 kilowatt hours per month and that purchasing them protects you from any energy increases in the future.
3. TEP will help you determine how many blocks you can purchase based on a percentage of your annual usage. This is only ONE of the many Bright Solutions offered by TEP.