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Mr. & Mrs. Green on "Going Green" Alaskan cruise

Eco-travel is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  Just what should you be asking hotels when you book your reservations? What are some of the hottest eco-lodges in the world and why?  Be an active member of Mrs. Green’s World and share your experiences with us.


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One More Generation (OMG!)


Carter – age 13 and Olivia – age 11 – Reading is believing. Talk about hope for the future! One More Generation (OMG) was founded by two elementary students in…

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Tucson Streetcar’s Route to Success

There is quite a bit of buzz – and some strong opinions – about Tucson’s new Sun Link streetcar. Lots of criticism and jokes, lots of turf and business battles, and lots of time actually bringing the Streetcar from dream to reality. So what do I think? Bring it on!

Do Zombies Carpool?

I believe it’s pretty safe to say that every human being (at least of the adult kind) uses the beginning of the New Year as a time to reflect, recommit and restart.  For me, it’s exciting to think about how I can help our Mrs. Green’s World partners spread the word about things they are committed […]

Are You Ready to Plug In?

If the  price of gas or your environmental conscious  has you thinking maybe it’s time to look into a car that runs on something other than petroleum, read on.   Tucson Clean Cities, a program established at Pima Association of Governments in 1998, is going strong, and has created a partnership of fleets, vehicle providers, […]

The Great Green Spa: Destination Miraval

Skeptics might comment that of course I write nice things about Miraval - they are one of my partners. Well, those skeptics don’t get it and certainly don’t get me because I only write what I authentically feel inside. So moving right along. Yes, I put up lovely posts about Miraval and how I start to relax […]

Did You Know?

Three Things About Miraval!

1. You really won’t find you anywhere else. I didn’t know what that meant until I went there. I found me and I can’t wait to go back to find me some more!
2. Miraval is a resort, an award-winning spa AND a great getaway. Good things happen there. You don’t want to leave but when you do, you want to share the wonder of Miraval with others and then ask them to go back there with you. How do you explain magic?
3. Your stay at Miraval is ALL inclusive. Tons of free classes & interesting presentations. Trust me when I say YOU are worth it. We are ALL worth getting away from our crazy lives to step into the magic of Miraval and be reminded of what it is like to live life in balance.