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Mrs. Green with Isabella's Ice Cream truck family - Children's Museum Tucson

Seeing the world through the eyes of children means seeing a world of hope, creativity and change.  Mrs. Green loves kids, spends time with children of all ages and cares about what they have to say.  We dedicate this page to them and their families. We hope that families will help this section grow with great ideas and inspiring stories to ensure a brighter, greener future for all our children.

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Clothes that Fit Your Morals


Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, Co-Founders of Indigenous – In this case, Indigenous is synonymous with organic, fair trade, ethically sourced and guilt free clothing.

Mrs. Green's News

Simple Tips, Thoughts to Ponder & Some Really Good News

This newsletter has something for everyone: Nine simple, money saving tips for storing leftovers without using plastic (a few of which will surprise and delight you!); three facts about plastics and cancer; three fun factoids about three of our partners, and three pieces of really good news in Mrs. Green’s World. Read on and enjoy!

Eight Pages in the New York Times?

Five Excerpts That Might Change Your Life.

Happy 2016 from the entire Mrs. Green’s World team! Sorry to hit you with such a heavy topic for the first newsletter of the New Year but this one had to be written…

All in the Family

For close to five years now, I have been writing a newsletter every other week. Mostly it arrives in your in-box on a Wednesday by mid-afternoon and there has been an occasional “I’ve got to push it to Thursday” edition. So here I sit on a Sunday afternoon (at least four days late!) making sure I honor my…

Five Green Factoids

(AND an extra special Did You Know?)

Sometimes I feel compelled to write what I call “refresher factoids.” These are facts that stick with me, that both haunt and inspire me and that are worth repeating because they are things that we can help change.

Did You Know?

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