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Mrs. Green in her "under $10" dress from Goodwill

From purses made from bill boards to eliminating carcinogens in your shampoo, fashion and beauty are rapidly changing industries.  Stay current with sustainable fashion trends, the latest research on things like safe cosmetics and why you might want to ask your jeweler where he purchased his gold.  And Mrs. Green would love to hear from you — always and forever.

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Clothes that Fit Your Morals


Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, Co-Founders of Indigenous – In this case, Indigenous is synonymous with organic, fair trade, ethically sourced and guilt free clothing.

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The White and the Green Elephants

Eight Mrs. Green Reflections

Just about everyone I know has been to, or at least been invited to, a white elephant holiday gift exchange party. Typically everyone brings an unmarked wrapped present and people take numbers, get to pick their gift to open or “steal” a present that has already been…

Thanks, Giving & Green‏

Seven Thanksgiving Tips & Thoughts About Black Friday

Prelude: Deep Thoughts from Mrs. Green – As global citizens, these are challenging and tumultuous times on many levels. For many people around the world, next Thursday will be just another day but not for us.

All in the Family

For close to five years now, I have been writing a newsletter every other week. Mostly it arrives in your in-box on a Wednesday by mid-afternoon and there has been an occasional “I’ve got to push it to Thursday” edition. So here I sit on a Sunday afternoon (at least four days late!) making sure I honor my…

BALLE Anyone?


Two or three years ago I am not quite sure I knew what BALLE stood for and even now I have to look it up. It stands for Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. This year I found myself attending a three day

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Be green and stylish with Ecostilleto.

Skin Deep is a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Did You Know?

Three Things About Abbott Taylor Jewelers

1. Abbott Taylor Jewelers is a family-owned business and in the thirty-five years I have known Abby, every family member, with the exception of their 10 year old grandson, has worked there at one time or another. Family matters to them above all else.
You will find no dirty gold at Abbott Taylor jewelers. Abby has been purchasing recycled “green” gold since the 1980s and my only regret is that I am not wearing more of it!
They walk the walk of giving back. I can’t remember the last time I went to a charitable event that had a silent auction and didn’t see a donation from Abby. Both Abby and Martha serve on Boards, attend local charity events, and support all things green and beautiful.