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Google "Dirty Dozen Foods" to learn highest concentration of pesticides in produce

What is a GMO and why should you care? How much pesticide is on your peach? Why should you even care if the wine you are drinking is organic? What kind of restaurants should you be supporting and why? Mrs. Green will shock, delight, inform and challenge you. Trust me.

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Ingenuity is Ripe in the Vineyards


Paul Novak, WholeVine General Manager – Cold-pressed oils, gluten-free cookies, 16 flours and whole grain cookies made from grapes “scraps” once tossed in the landfill? Yes.

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We Don’t Tell You What to Think, We Just Want You To

In case you didn’t know, the headline above is the tagline for my radio show. And since I am suffering from acute whirling dervish brain after attending a weekend symposium on healthy eating, the only thing I am capable of right now is asking you to think about some of the things I am thinking about. And maybe even be inspired to write to me and tell me what you think. But please, don’t yell.

Rocking Green Radio

(We’ve Been Pleasure Trapped!)
For those of you who may not remember, Mrs. Green started as a weekly one-hour, broadcast radio show. Then came the website, then Facebook, then Twitter, then blogging, newsletter, Pinterest, Instagram – you know the drill. Sooo − coming full circle, and to give you a little inside scoop about the off-the-air conversations between Mr. Green and me…

What We ARE Eating & Why We SHOULD Care‏

(Six Really Good Reasons)
The very good news is that we recorded the first show for our eight-show series, “What Am I Eating and Why Should I Care: It Starts with Your Fork,” which are funded from our recently completed Kickstarter Campaign. The guest, Ocean Robbins, was stellar.

The Sweet Life—Sans Sugar

I’ve been very food-focused over the past couple weeks, with good reason. You may have heard that Mrs. Green is taking on a new project, “What Am I Eating and Why Should I Care?”

Did You Know?

Three Things About Food Conspiracy Co-op

1. Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson, AZ has offered natural, whole foods with minimal packaging since 1971. They are committed to buying locally produced goods and supporting area farmers.
2. Along with an entirely organic produce department, the Food Conspiracy Co-op also offers the most extensive bulk selection in town.
3. To the extent possible, the Food Co-op labels everything on their shelves to disclose information about genetically modified foods (GMOs).